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Hi, my name is Dominic.

I am a web and mobile developer who loves creating things.

I believe in web standards and using the best technology for the job. I have a strong attention to detail that helps me make beautiful code, both on the surface and behind the scenes.

The Bank of Canada has revamped its public website to make the site easier to read and navigate on a wide variety of devices. As well, the site offers new ways of browsing and monitoring Bank research activities.

Rally allows you to quickly and easily find convenient times and places for people to meet. Rally is a professional tool that eliminates confusing and lengthy scheduling over email.Rally was started as a project for Node Knockout 2013, but has continued to be developed. It is built in Node.js using the Geddy framework.

Orleans Integrative Medicine (OIM) is a collaborative team of health care professionals.

This is a custom responsive WordPress site I built for their clinic.

Integrative medicine combines the best aspects of Western medicine, and the best aspects of preventative and alternative therapies.

Integrative medicine is a movement, trying to restore the focus of medicine on health and healing, and away from disease and symptom management.